PWN Architects and Planners will work with our clients to plan and program large areas of land for mixed-use or phased single use development.   The product of these land planning efforts is commonly called a Use Master Plan.  PWN works in concert with our clients’ pro-forma and economic forecasting models to help inform our clients how to divide land for individual building uses on separately platted land, or subdivision.


We concurrently work with local zoning and land use codes to help our clients understand the highest and best use or uses by analyzing site conditions including, allowed uses, adjacent uses, utility access, fire department requirements, public improvement requirements, and circulation access diagrams to and through a site.  If public hearings are a part of the Master Plan approval process, PWN will lead our clients through these hearings as required by the municipality. 

Berthoud Mixed Housing 

Berthoud, Colorado

Berthoud Mixed Housing, 7.75 acres



Grand Junction, Colorado

Halandras Planned Development,179 acres



Denver, Colorado

Denver International West Apartments, 7.61 acres


Conifer Center

Conifer, Colorado 

47.1 acres


East Range Crossings

Denver, Colorado

11.3 acres


North Range Crossings

Commerce City, Colorado

11.5 acres


South Range Crossings

Parker, Colorado 

11.1 acres